Monday, June 9, 2014

Poems provided by Janet and Jeanice

A poem kindly sent by my friend Janet in response to some mushroom & moon doodles, Thank you Janet..

Mushrooms and moonlight
Hobbits and elves
Spirits from a lost world
Old stories to tell....

Hobbits moved quietly
on small, furry feet
They knew when to show up
juicy mushrooms to eat.

Elves sang their songs
in the forests at night,
beautiful lovers
of stars and moonlight.

Of ages long past
only shadows remain
elves ring their sweet bells
hobbits walk in the rain.
Poem provided by my talented friend Jeanice Deering (author of the fab 3470 C.E.)

The Mushroom Moon
doesn’t happen in June,
but it shines just before it’s July.
You have to be quick...

to see it’s a trick
only wood elves know when to spy.

If ever you see
a wood elf company
on a mushroom feast in a glen,
the moon must be full
and your manners true,
or you won’t see them again.

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