Thursday, May 23, 2013

First Light (Lanes Of The Shire) Now reserved.

First Light (Lanes Of The Shire)
As the moon begins to wane and the first light of dawn breaks, magical colours are cast across Hobbiton Hill and Bagshot Row.
Spotting a spluttering lantern and anxious for news, Gandalf leaves the comfort of Bag End and is greeted by the smell of wood smoke billowing from the holes of the row.
Bilbo spots a familiar figure in the distance and pauses outside number 3, the Gamgee family home; Letter box already emptied and fires stoked the Gamgees are already up and on the move.
Breakfast already on his mind Bilbo's thoughts are interrupted by the sign on his right and the Green Dragon, where they serve an excellent second breakfast.
Inspired by events that may have taken place between Bilbo's adventures and the handing over of the ring to Frodo. 

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