Saturday, May 18, 2013

A Chance Encounter (Gandalf the Wanderer/Beorn the Bear)

A Chance Encounter (Gandalf  the Wanderer/Beorn the Bear)

On spotting an old friend a huge black bear breaks the cover of the pines and descends to a path standing high above the mighty Anduin river.
Now a mighty leader of both his own people and the Woodmen the once reclusive Beorn now actively seeks news of the outside world; always one for a good story and departing wise advice Gandalf regales all (well most) that he knows.

A Chance Encounter
Set between the Battle of Five Armies and the War of the Ring; this is my take on what may have happened while Gandalf was on one of his many travels. This painting as well as many others will be featured in an upcoming publication:-

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