Saturday, March 23, 2013

Boromir (Captain of the White Tower)

Boromir (Captain of the White Tower)
Boromir stands steadfast while his beloved city of Minas Tirith gleams white in the background. Wing helmed and sword drawn, he defies any foe that would  threaten his much loved people and Gondor. 
Water colour highlighted with acrylic.
When approaching any new painting the first port of call is always the writings of Tolkien for inspiration. I knew from the off set that I wanted Boromir to look battle hardened, war like and uncompromising. Boromir is a born warrior living by the sword, a leader, a champion and a defender of his beloved people and Gondor. Included are his famed War-horn, a very stylized tree, and 7 stars on his shield and a winged helm, the Crown of Gondor was in the beginning Isildur's war-helmet.  
One of my favourite parts of interpreting Tolkien's world is making comparisons with history, ancient myths and the real world. Boromir has been loosely based on a Iron age/Dark age warrior, borrowing from Germanic, Celtic and the ancient hill tribes of Europe. The moustache was an obvious choose as throughout history warriors have always prided themselves on facial hair, it signifies a coming of age and can be traced back as far as ancient Egypt, Sparta, and continues right through to the middle ages.   

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