Saturday, February 2, 2013

Offer of the month returns Rowbury and Springberry Ents. As a way of thank you I aim to produce one piece of art work each month for under £100 and will make this available to all who visit my Blog, Facebook page or Twitter account.

Fangorn forest is the home of the Ents, age-old shepherds of the forest. This is where Rowbury dwells alongside the oldest trees in the heart of the forest.

Rowbury (also known as master hedge and Golden Harvest) is an ancient flowering crab apple who is well respected for his skills in tending the hedgerows; he prides himself in looking after and harvesting the wild fruits of the forest that come into full grandeur during the autumn months.

Young Springberry quick stride a very sprightly carefree ent who bursts into life during the spring months. 

Each work is a one off and combines clay mixed with Andalucian earth sculpted onto wooden board. The Ents are unique, hand made, hand painted, cold glazed, signed and come with a hook attached to the rear ready for hanging.

8 x 4 inches.
Ceramic wall plaque ready to hang.

For further details see Current work for sale (The Dragons Hoard) at the top of my Blog.

This work is for sale on several sites so its always a case of first come first served.

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