Monday, February 25, 2013

Leaving The Shire (Bilbo's Departure)

As the moon rises high over Bag End and fireworks continue to illuminate the shire, Bilbo pushes his way through a break in the hedge and as quiet as a mouse takes to the fields. Rucksack loaded complete with the famed Red book of Westmarch, Bilbo departs his beloved Hobbiton never to return.

Inspired by The Fellowship of The Ring, A Long-expected party, the painting portrays Bilbo's departure from his beloved Bag End and the Shire (with lots of artistic license). 

The paint has been applied loosely, vigorously and colorfully, as I wanted a feeling of fireworks still exploding, illuminating and casting shadows throughout the Shire. No drawing was done prior to starting the work and all manner of tools have been used in the process, brushes, sponges and tooth brushes being at the fore. 

If you look very closely you may just notice two shadows underneath The Party Tree; have Merry and Pippin (a nod to Peter Jackson's Film) managed to steal some of Gandalf's fireworks.  

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