Sunday, January 13, 2013

New work. An Unexpected Adventure (The Story Begins)

An Unexpected Adventure (The Story Begins)

Inspired by the Hobbit Chapter 1. An Unexpected Party. 

"the sun was shining and the grass was very green" J.R.R Tolkien The Hobbit. 

Bilbo enjoys a pipe after breakfast unaware of the wizard (Gandalf) at the bottom of the lane watching him. A sudden gust of wind out of the the north  sends pollen into the air, ruffling Gandalf's cloaks and scarf. 

When approaching the painting I wanted a feeling of intense summer light so I used vibrant greens, yellows, pinks mauve's, blues and purples and applied them in a very impressionist way; I really wanted that feeling of having to shade your eyes when looking into the sun.

The gust of wind which doesn't feature in the opening chapter was used for two purposes one to add a bit of movement to the painting and secondly to indicate the upcoming events that will change things in the north for good.

l painted Gandalf with his back to the viewer purposely as I wanted him contemplating Bilbo Baggins, weighing up the character of his chosen Hobbit/burglar.

Both colour and sepia versions of this work on now available to purchase at:-

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