Monday, October 15, 2012

Mushrooms For Breakfast. Now on route to Finland (thank you Vesa).

On a autumn night the moon rides high over the Eastfarthing of the shire and as quiet as only a Hobbit can be, Pippin steals into the night. In his best traveling cloak and
 favorite walking stick he heads for the famed mushroom fields of farmer Maggot. With his side bag bulging with mushrooms and already thinking of breakfast the wild creatures of the wood and field listen on in wonder as he hums an ode to mushrooms:-

Mushrooms! Mushrooms! I come to steal.

Stepping light into the night, mushrooms make a wonderful meal.

delicious with bacon, tasty on toast,

mushrooms are the bite I like the most.

watercolour highlighted with Acrylic.


Vesa Piili said...

Thanks Joe! Looking forward to having this on my wall.. :)

Joe Gilronan said...

Absolute pleasure Vesa.