Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Three's company.

Frodo, Sam and Pippin head through a leaf strewn lane towards Farmer Maggots in the Eastfarthing. Frodo pauses and checks his pocket for the ring, Sam adjust the straps of his baggage while Pippin still hooded brings up the rear. Unbeknownst to the Hobbits a Black Rider watches from a copse of  trees in the field beyond.

Was going to be offer of the month but has just sold.


generulpoleaxe said...

Love the subtlety of the dark rider on the right side. It makes a very warm piece very dark and moody all of a sudden.

Cracking stuff Joe :)

Joe Gilronan said...

Thank you Chris, it was painted very bright even cheery on customers request to sit alongside similar piece; couldn't resist the black rider though. Cheers for the continued support, will catch u soon.