Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Summer In The Shire.

Summer In The Shire (While the cats away).

On a rare summer visit to Hobbiton as children, Merry and Pippin manage to escape the confines of Bag End and head down the hill towards Bagshot Row. The Gaffer and his son Samwise Gamgee move in the opposite direction towards Bilbo's Hobbit Hole laden with goodies for supper. 

The Gaffer can be seen pushing his barrow towards the gate, while his son Sam trails behind carrying strawberries and shouldering a pick.

Merry (hesitant) and Pippin (already making a break for it past the cauliflowers) can be seen emerging through the hedge with the intention of raiding the gaffers famed fruit and vegetable plots.

The painting reflects a time of peace and happiness in the shire, untouched by the outside world; Mordor being nothing more than a far off tale to scare Hobbit children around the hearth.

Acrylic/oil on canvas 33 x 24 cm will be available to purchase from my shop above.

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