Friday, June 1, 2012

Current original oil paintings available to purchase via Festival In The Shire

The Grey Havens ( The Gulls Lament )

Minas Tirith ( War approaches )

Gandalf's Return Fireworks In The Shire. 

All three of these paintings are available to purchase via Festival In The Shire, I now only own Minas Tirith. If you are interested in purchasing any of these works please visit the following links or just email me directly:- 


Joy said...

"The Grey Havens" is really very beautiful! There are so many paintings of this place and this scene, but I truly think your rendering must be my favourite. Lovely!

Joe Gilronan said...

Thank you so much Joy for taking the time to both look and comment(you are very kind with your appraisal).It is very much appreciated, best wishes, Joe.

Geordie said...

Ethereal quality. Love it!