Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bag End work in progress

The process begins with earth, Andalucian earth, dug, washed, sieved and dried. This in turn is mixed with modeling paste (designed for use with acrylic paint) and is used as a means to add texture and for making surfaces stand out in relief. Above you can see the process in action; I always start with the main stand out features in this case the tree trunks and the roof of Bag End and lesser details such as the distance mountains. Above and below the working canvas are very basic sketches which are used purely for reference, I like to let the work take on a life of its own and I am sure that the finished canvas will be quite different when finished. More to follow tomorrow (if you are wondering whats happened to Rivendell, it will hopefully be finished next week. I need to buy some new paint brushes this weekend from the nearest town, the joys of living on top of a mountain).

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